Why important the Trim Line, Bleed line in artworks?

This post for Junior Designer or Beginners. If the designer follow these steps the finishing also comes with perfect output. In my experience most of the new designers never take note this problems. 

Uses of the lines:

1) Safe Line:

This line help to the designer for avoid the text closest to the trimming area (Line). it will get  from rulers at top and left side rulers. It will appeared visual only not for printing use. This line should be in -3mm of the artwork size. (Ex. 204X291 if the artwork is 210X297)

2) Trim Line (Cutting Line):

This lines is most important. Yes, this line is boundary line for the artwork on four sides. So, don't extant the texts and important graphics after this line. The paper cutter follow the trim marks. The marks shows in the artwork at four corners according the trim line. He will follow the trim marks. So, he can trim the printout as designer given size (A6, A5, A4 or whatever the designer fixed the size in the artwork).

3) Bleed Line:

This line helpful to Paper cutter to get perfect finishing the printout. Sometimes when he trimming the paper, can't trim accurate follow the trim marks. It sometimes little bit go in or go out. if the artwork don't have the bleeds, the final printout finishing comes with a tiny material colour. So, the designer must extant the background / designs only. This line should be in +3mm of the artwork size. (Ex. 216X303 if the artwork is 210X297).

Note: The design must take out all the lines before send to printing. Just add in the trim marks, bleed size in the setting when they output in pdf format.

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